Standard on all gas sealers

High Nitro Modified atmosphere Gas flush

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)

Gas flush

Prior to the seal phase, any gas except oxygen can can be added. Nitrogen, carbon dioxide, argon or or a mixture of these gases is mostly used. Gas flush precisely extends the shelf life and protects the quality and structure of your flower. Storabis gas sealers are equipped as standard with Gas flush or Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP).

It depends on the product which gas or mix is most suitable. Your distributor can inform you best which is the optimum composition for your flower. Please Contact Us with your specific gas requests.

Shelf life studies
Store more, store longer, store better

Shelf life studies

Storabis have been working to further explore the possibilities to seal and store cannabis in order to both improve the quality and extend the shelf life of the product. The results of these shelf-life studies show that both the shelf life and the quality of the flower improves. Read more about the shelf life studies.

Shelf life studies