Improve your workflow

Automatic lid

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Work faster with less effort

Improved ergonomics

Operators experience a huge ergonomic advantage with the automatic lid. Less weight has to be lifted, which improves the working conditions of individual operators and reduces sick leave.

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Enjoy the operational benefits

Optimal production output

From an operational perspective, preset packaging cyle times guarantee a constant and high production output. The automatic lid contributes to a more productive workforce.

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Standard emergency stop

Guaranteed safety

The automatic lid is equipped with a motion sensor that activates the emergency stop in case of entrapment. This guarantees the highest protection level during the complete vacuum packaging cycle.

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Only available on new models

Automatic double chambers

The automatic lid is available on the largest double chamber models of the Storabis series: Polar 2-85 and Polar 2-95. Only new models can be equipped with this option.