Marlin Vacuum Sealer

Perfect fit for greater packaging needs and higher volumes of cannabis. Store more, store longer, store better with Storabis.

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Reliable series of floor models

Marlin models

The Storabis Marlin series offer long lasting quality and optimal capacity at an attractive price. Standard equipped with 2 seal bars, a 2780 cf/h Busch pump, CombiVac control and Gas flush to optimize and double your cannapackaging needs.

Protect and preserve quality

Gas flush

Vacuum sealing under nitrogen (N2) or carbon dioxide (CO2) has a positive effect on the concentrations and development of cannabinoids and terpenes in the produce. Besides, it improves decarboxylation. All Storabis sealers are standard equipped with Gas flush.

  • Increased shelf life
  • Protection of structure
  • Preservation of quality
  • Prevention of colouring
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Store more, store longer, store better

Vacuum seal glass jars

All Marlin models are standard equipped with CombiVac control, including our jar function. This function enables you to seal glass jars in seconds with a maximum end vacuum of 99.8%. Just put the jars in the chamber, select the jar function and close the lid for tightly sealed jars to optimize your storage.

  • Increased shelf life
  • Protection of structure
  • Preservation of quality
  • Optimal production output

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CE and ETL certified

Storabis equipment is ETL certified and compliant with UL, CSA and CE standards

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year warranty

Storabis offers a warranty of 1 year on labour and 3 years on parts

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Busch pump

All Storabis machines are equipped with a Busch vacuum pump

Options and accessories

Customize your Marlin

Gas flush

Modified Atmosphere Packaging


Sensor control

Constant, guaranteed end vacuum


Liquid control

For vacuum sealing liquids



Including Jars function


Seal systems

For maximum protection


Our recommendations

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