Label printer

Ultra-compact label printer to create labels for relevant packaging details

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Thermal label printer

Essential packaging details, such as the product’s name, packaging and shelf life date and storage temperature, are automatically printed during the vacuum packaging cycle. A thermal label printer offers many advantages for every vacuum packaging process.


The Storabis label printer is compatible with CombiVac control.

Technical information

Set labels and programs on CombiVac

How to use your label printer?

Customize your operations with the advanced CombiVac control system. Easily create up to 99 labels and 20 programs with the help of our specially designed ACS configurator online. Learn how to set the client’s name, programs and labels and how to install them on your machine.

How to create programs on your PC?

How to upload programs to the machine?


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Label printer

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Storabis offers a complete range of chamber vacuum sealers that can be used to pack your produce. Numerous machines are available with the label printer. Our recommendations.