Insert plates

Learn more about the benefits of polyethylene insert plates and lid filler plates. For a faster cycle and a reduction of the amount of necessary gas.

Faster cycle and easy product positioning

Polyethylene insert plates

Storabis offers different insert plates for a faster vacuum packaging cycle and a reduction of the amount of necessary gas in case of gas flush. All Storabis vacuum sealers are equipped with Gas flush.

Polyethylene insert plates that are placed inside the vacuum chamber are standard delivered with the machine. These plates also help to position your product in the best way on the seal bar.


Lid filler plates
Option on Polar double chambers

Lid filler plates

Lid filler plates are used to save time and gas during the vacuum packaging cycle of the double chambers. The advantages:

  • The inner volume space of the chamber is smaller
  • A shorter vacuum packaging cycle
  • Less gas is used because of the smaller volume

Storabis recommends the use of compressed air for the correct seal pressure when using Gas flush. When the gas injection system is installed on the machine, the connector for compressed air is also fitted as standard. Contact us with your specific questions.

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Lid filler plates

Our recommendations

Storabis offers a complete range of chamber vacuum sealers for your produce. The lid filler plates are one of many accessories available. Our recommendations for this particular accesory.