Nitrogen Cannabis Packaging

High Nitro provides a revolutionary non-toxic way of storing and protecting your cannabis, the High Nitro system seals your product under low oxygen thus eradicating the possibility of oxidization and mould growth.

The presence of 99% nitrogen and less than 1% oxygen within the sealed liner slows the aging process while preserving CBD and THC levels, other benefits include longer shelf life and a fresher product with colors, aromas and flavours preserved.

The Process

How It Works


Decomposition is the process where organic substances are broken down into simpler organic substances, like it or not, that process starts at the time of picking as the plant is no longer receiving nutrients from the roots. There are many important factors to take into account to prolong the shelf life of your cannabis such as light (UV exposure), temperature, relative humidity and oxygen.


Temperatures are up to you and your storage shipping department, but it is obvious that higher temperatures promote bacterial and mould growth on the product. Heat and light alone can cause your THC to degrade into CBN.

Decarboxylation is important depending on your intended use and converts your THCAs into THCs but storing your product at high temperatures for uncontrolled durations is obviously not good for the finished product.


Cannabis stored at high relative humidity absorbs moisture, making it possible for mold and bacteria growth. Conversely, cannabis stored at a low relative humidity is negatively impacted as the leaves and foliage dry out making them brittle. A dry product also causes a hot smoke at the time of consumption, changing the smoking qualities.

Oxygen, UV and Light

Your worst contributing factors to the degradation of cannabis are oxygen and UV light, the UV rays break down organic matter at a rapid rate, not only does this reduce the quality of your product but it also creates mass loss and could leave you open to short weight claims.


We look to prolong the shelf life of your flower, including the cannabinoids and terpenoids contained within by controlling each of these contributing factors.

Our liners:

  • Stop the ingress of UV light.
  • Control the moisture levels by use of an EVOH layer.
  • Have a zero OTR (Oxygen Transfer Rate) under negative pressure.
  • Halts Oxidization of the Plant by reaching nitrogen saturation level of 99%.

We understand that the end of the shelf life of your product is an inevitability however by working in consultation with you to create the optimal packing environment we look to greatly extend the shelf life of your precious product.

Benefits of High Nitro